Choice-based Art for Students with Disabilities

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My favorite highlight of today's Construction Center!

Since I introduced Construction Center a month ago, I started to see how creative and inventive some of my deaf students are doing.

This particular student, age 12, has amazed me with his hidden inventive mind to come up with a potential invention to improve his deaf peers' communication some day. First of all, he is a bright receptive learner with difficulty to express himself clearly through sign language and no vocalizing speech skill. Yet he has the very keen observational and critical thinking skills to create a "Videophone answering machine CD/DVD Burner". He managed to explain to me that if a deaf person need to leave a phone message. That calling person, deaf or hearing, would leave his/her own video-imaged of his/her signing messages on the CD/DVD burner. Then the recieving person would see a flashed signal of incoming call. He/she would take out the CD from the answering machine and insert it into the DVD player and watched the messages who called on the TV SCreen! My own Deaf son, a high school senior, thought that would be the coolest thing to have.

The point here is any kids with special needs has some surprising hidden talents of what they are capable of beyond their disabilities. The choice-based art learning brings out the delightful unexpected artistic results when you least expected from these unique kids.


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